Romania means…

Romania means, first of all, a great source of culture. One raised on core-deep feelings across the centuries.

These feelings... these powerful emotions have come together in one being, a bright being, made only from soul’s rays of genius. And as like a new star is getting birth in the infinite cradle of Space, gathering all the necessary substances for Life, this Sun, The Romanian Sun, have had its moment of fusion, when all the beauties a soul can carry have spread some unique beams of art: The Romanian Art.

“deDor” is  the canvas where we wish to picture this art in its shiniest forms. We wish to offer to this Sun, to this Sun of Art, the Infinite value it deserves. Like any great movement of the spirit, it needs a place  that it can call “Home”. In this warm and hospitable home you will find the Romanian Art ready to tell a great story, a sublime fairytale, to sing the most beautiful songs about incredible landscapes, legends of brave men and women, about heroes, powerful kings or gentle peasants.

We are offering you a gate to a place where there is “Youth without old age and life without death”, where the Charming Princesses have dragons to catch, where the witches are plotting, the good fairies are rescuing, the great kings are fighting battles, Princesses are like Goddesses… and… before getting to “live happily ever after”… we would like to fly together to “Once upon a time”. Because this is what “deDor” really is: a teller of great, unique stories, about Romanian art, culture and spirit. 

And like one of the most beautiful genuine songs it is telling, we follow that lead and sing with the voices of these magnificent souls that ever lived among the Romanian places:

“deDor” means “a thirst”, a nostalgic burst
For Romanian art… it is so apart! 
So we started this way, traveling to yesterday 
Towards fairytales… Just dream! Is all it takes”